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Philosophy & Aims

We believe that each and every child is unique, special and full of potential.

Therefore we strive to inspire in all a sense of;




We aim to achieve this by;

  • Building trusting relationships with parents/carers and families in order to support the development of secure attachments between children and key persons, enabling children to settle quickly and enjoy making the most of the Pre-school environment.

  • Encouraging self expression through a range of media, activities and events including singing, signing, dance, art and physical activity as well as through speech and communication.

  • Providing a play based, fun and often quirky educationally, physically and mentally stimulating programme – following the Early Years Foundation Stage, children’s interests, their fascinations, enjoyments and potential ‘Next Steps’.

  • Providing an environment where children feel valued, respected, and free to make their own choices.

  • Supporting children to communicate and negotiate with peers and develop an awareness of others and their needs, as well as being able to identify and communicate their own needs.

  • Nurturing each and every child’s unique personality to shine with the support of caring, inspiring and creative adults in an environment where they feel safe, secure and able to be themselves.

  • Exploring a culturally diverse curriculum which takes into account and encourages the uniqueness of children and families, supporting opportunities for children to interact with community projects both inside and outside of the setting and encouraging the community to engage with and support the setting with a range of events and activities.



Critical thinking 




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